What falls under the umbrella of nostalgia for most people is often highly dependent upon when they were born. For an 80s/90s kid like myself, most film, television, video games, etc. from that era is what usually does it for me. With music, I think it’s a little different. Music, perhaps more than most popular art, is timeless. We often grow up listening to whatever our parents listened to. That was certainly the case for me, anyway. At some point, most kids strike off on their own and find artists and genres they prefer, so what can pass as nostalgia when it comes to music is often tied to a more specific era in a person’s life.

For me personally, my teenaged years were dominated by one artist: Glenn Danzig. I got into The Misfits when I was 13, even though that band had been disbanded for longer than I had been alive. The Misfits lead me to the band, Danzig, and the rest was history. Danzig wasn’t the only band I had strong affection for as a teen, it was just the most important one. And because music feels more timeless than a lot of other art, Danzig didn’t even naturally line-up with my teenaged years. For my high school years, only two Danzig albums were released: Satan’s Child and I Luciferi, two albums that are past what many would consider the band’s height of popularity.

Because Danzig is a nostalgic topic that I have a lot of affection for, it’s been a repeat topic here at The Nostalgia Spot. Enough so that I added it to the drop-down menu you see on any page, and now the subject is getting it’s own dedicated page. It’s the subject that seems to get me the most traffic, that and Christmas which is a pretty weird dichotomy, but one I’m proud of. This page will keep track of all things Glenn Danzig related. All of my album reviews and such are presented here so anyone who stumbles upon this blog looking for Danzig has an easy path to more.

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