The Christmas Spot

santaDo you like The Nostalgia Spot? Do you like Christmas? Do you like advent calendars? And most importantly, do you like old Christmas specials, movies, and other miscellaneous media? Well then, welcome to The Christmas Spot! Each holiday season, beginning December 1st, look here for some holiday cheer. During the month of December, the main Nostalgia Spot blog will likely be on hiatus, but that’s nothing new as in years past before the existence of this page The Nostalgia Spot was essentially transformed into something resembling The Christmas Spot. The current format for The Christmas Spot is for one post per day from December 1st to December 25th that will cover something Christmas related. Most often, this will be a Christmas cartoon special because those are my personal favorite holiday occurrences each year, but I’m not adverse to covering live-action specials or other things. Most of all, this should be fun and I hope you have as much fun revisiting these things as I do. Welcome, Christmas! Bring your cheer!

This is partly inspired by the folks over at A Cartoon Christmas. That blog ran for a few years and counted down the days until Christmas with cartoon Christmas specials from television and film. I encourage you to check it out if you want more Christmas goodness (though at last check it was full of dead links), but if you stumbled upon this in a bid to find more Christmas stuff to read about, chances are you’re already familiar with that site. And if you really like the humor found there, then you should check out what those people are up to today over at Laser Time.

As for the years past, here’s a bunch of handy links to the Christmas coverage going all the way back to this blog’s inaugural first year.













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