The Christmas Spot is Back for 2022!

We’re nearly through another year, which means another holiday season is upon us. For some, this started once Halloween was over while for others it seemingly never ended. And like years past, we’re going all-in at The Nostalgia Spot. Every day in December through Christmas Day, join us as we take a look at a celebrated, or not so celebrated, holiday classic. Each year this happens it becomes harder and harder to find Christmas specials worth talking about. My solution last year was to revisit my years old list of the top 25 and give them more due so it’s something I’m going to continue this year. Basically every fifth day I’ll pluck a special from my list of 25 that hasn’t had a full write-up here already and give it another look. It’s not to reexamine them, necessarily, but more to celebrate them as I still feel just fine about that list. It also should help lengthen how long I can keep this up, because for the first time, when I got settled in to work on this year’s slate I was feeling it a bit more difficult than before.

2022 feels like another year many are looking forward to leaving behind. I feel like every year of recent memory has had that sort of feeling, so it’s one reason why I welcome the holiday season. Work is lighter, the house is fully decorated, and I have plenty of Christmas specials at my fingertips to watch with my kids day in and day out. There are some new additions I am looking forward to getting a look at this year, while it also looks like some I was anticipating a year ago won’t be happening (thanks Warner/Discovery). And with this blog increasingly becoming more and more toy-focused, it’s nice to have something else to blog about for a month.

As per usual, while the Christmas content is in full swing, the regular content stops. I might have a couple of bonus posts in-store for you this year, but in general, if you’re coming here for said toy reviews you’ll have to wait until Boxing Day or later for our regularly scheduled programming to resume. And this year for December 1st, I have a rather fun post going up. At least it was fun for me, I’m not sure how it will work for others, but hopefully people like it. I feel really good about this year’s batch of specials as there’s some pretty good ones in here and some awesomely bad ones plus at least one that’s pretty topical. So while you’re stuffing down your turkey tomorrow, know you got something awesome coming your way next week. It’s the Christmas Spot, and for at least one more year, it’s bringing the Christmas goods!

Want to check out the archives to put you in the Christmas mood? Here are some suggestions from Christmas Spots of the past:

Dec. 4 – Taz-Mania – “No Time for Christmas”

Before there was an entire broadcast television network owned by Time Warner, there was the relationship that existed between Fox and WB. Fox, needing a lot of content to launch its kid programming block The Fox Kids Network, partnered with WB and Steven Spielberg to bring the world Tiny Toon Adventures. It was a success,…

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