Nothing Off Limits

This blog is about nothing.  It’s just my thoughts and whatever is compelling me to write in a given moment.  I often have subjects on my mind that just don’t lend themselves to conversation.  Or that is, they would in the right company but really how many people care about the merits of the Bucky O’Hare cartoon and how it relates to the comic form?

I am blessed, or cursed, with an affinity for things from my childhood.  Not blindly, but I’m the kind of guy that can wander around a gimmicky store like Newbury Comics and be delighted by the novelty items.  A lego-styled representation of Marvel’s The Beast from 1990 – awesome!  As a result, my home is full of things most would label as junk.  DVD’s of the Super Mario Bros. cartoon, a Batman doll beside my TV, Optimus Prime guarding my laptop.  I’m rational about my compulsions, more so now than in my youth, but am prone to the occasional impulse buy.  I once sought an action figure simply because as a kid I could never find it in stores and always wanted it (Marvel Super Heroes Venom II, if anyone is wondering), so I bought it as a 20 year old just because I could.

That’s not all that fuels me.  I have a lot to say about music, specifically metal, and I never seem to tire of a good baseball debate.  It’s just sometimes I find that my best conversation partner for the more obscure or fanatical things is myself, which makes a blog a pretty natural thing for me.

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